REVIVAL OF F English Dub Complete?? Sean Schemmel/Chris Sabat! Resurrection F English Dub

Dragon Ball Z Resurrection F/Revival of F/Fukkatsu No F English dub has appeared to be completed with the english dub, dubbing process, at least for Goku and Vegeta... Sean Schemmel and Chris Sabat. The Resurrection F Theatrical Teaser Trailer debuted the other day and that was the Resurrection F English Dub version featuring a laughing Chris ayres playing Frieza at the very end of the resurrection f teaser trailer. LINK IS BELOW TO THE TWITTER POST (SCROLL DOWN A BIT) LINK IS BELOW TO TWITTER POST (SCROLL DOWN A BIT) JOIN ME ON MY PATH TO 100,000 SUBSCRIBERS. (SHARE THIS VIDEO) SUBSCRIBE TO ME NOW (ITS FREE) FOR YOUR SUPPORT And also don't forget to LIKE the Official Mike Zeroh Facebook page below The Official Mike Zeroh Twitter Animated Intro Designed by


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