Replaced All Sounds in Minecraft With My Voice! (1.10 Free Download!) (Resource Pack!)

Check out my new daily video series! -~-~~-~~~-~~-~- Free Download: Hope you all enjoy! I put a lot of work into this video! Explore the end for even more sounds!! All the sounds were made using only my mouth. I created a resource pack so you can all use the sounds! Just download the .zip file and place it in your resourcepacks folder in your .minecraft folder! I'll be making more resource packs in the future! Stay tuned for more! ------- Twitch Livestream: Facebook: Twitter: -------- Donate: If you want to donate be my guest! This money will go directly towards my college funds! Download my album for free as a gift in return from me! ------- I have an album on iTunes here: Check out my website: ------- All the music in the Intro and Outro is mine: -------- Intro was made by: Color-Blind texture pack customized by:


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