Funny and strange sounds with 3 non stabile multivibrators/soundbox

READ THE TEXTBOX FOR MORE INFO & LINKS. With 3 non stabile multivibrators you can make a soundbox that can create all kinds of funny and strange sounds. The circuit is showed in an earlier video, uploaded today (22 november 2014, approx. 19.00 Amsterdam time). To the published circuit a third multivibrator is added, that multivib. can create squarewaves between 50 Hz and 16 KHz. The third Muvib. schematic is in one of my books, but can also be made on the basis of the already showed schematic from the siren. I used two rotary switches to switch different capacitors between B and C, this creates squarewaves between 50 Hz and 16 KHz. The output from the third Muvib. is connected via a 100 N capacitor to the siren generator. Try different locations in the siren generator and check whether it works and how it works. Vary with the output volume from the third Muvib. (0-1 or 2 V~AC), different output/input levels set by the potentiometers give different sounds effects (frequency,period,superposed). Circuit is good to make a soundbox. Perhaps (not tested) a 4th Muvib can even make much more sound effects. Always (!) use potentiometers (10K-100K) to mix the 3th or 4th Muvib sound into the siren circuit, only then you can create many effects (I think 20 - 40 different sound effects or so are possible). Without potentiometers only a limited array of sounds is possible, this has to do with junction effects inside the transistors. Good for stage, art or music projects. More circuits in my books on the Lulu website, author Ko Tilman. CROSSLINKS RELATED TO NON STABILE MULTIVIBRATORS fun audio generator MUVIB circuits, start problems and how to get them working 12 V alarm beeper with a substantial output Small electronic beeper with headphone capsule Funny strange sounds with 3 non stabile multivibrators Electronic siren circuit and 2 tone horn 2 transistor flip flop memory cell driving a 12 V relay 100 flickering white LED’s (schematic) on 12 V Nasty sound generator + locomotive sound Powerful 12V-20W incandescent lamp flasher Ultrasonic sound and scream generator Ratata audio sound generator Blinking bicycle lamp 6 Volt O,6 watt Non stabile MULTIVIBRATOR START PROBLEMS Very low energy consuming blinking LED Simple squarewave oscillator with many properties Light theremin/pico synthesizer with 2 transistors Square wave oscillator with a few components Fail properties from non - stabile MUVIBS Playing around (sounds) with a non-stabile multivibrator Ultrasonic sound generator with tweeter Sawtooth waveform generator Two transistor power LED flasher How to make your own ambient light Lighthouse LED 51 Hz – 24 KHZ Voltage controlled oscillator Multivibrator circuit with variable freq& and duty cycle Bi stabile multivibrator schematic


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