Funny Insect Singing Electronic Bug Sounds

Funny video of singing insect. This free video was created for you by and can be used for free under the creative commons license with the attribution of as the original author of this insect singing video from the South Asia of Malaysia. Thank you for supporting the creative commons movement !!! The funny insects ( Insecta ) are a class of animals invertebrates of the phylum of arthropods, characterized by having a pair of antennae, three pairs of legs and two pairs of wings (which, however, can be reduced or absent). The science that studies funny insects is called entomology. Its name comes from Latin insectum, tracing the Greek ἔντομα, 'cut in half'. Insects comprise the group of animals most diverse of the Earth, with about 1 million described species, two more than all other groups of animals together, and with estimates of up to 30 million undescribed species, thus potentially represent over 90% of the planet's life forms. More recent studies lower the number of funny insects to be discovered between 6 and 10 million. Insect body consists of three main regions (called tagmas ) head, thorax and abdomen, uniformly coated with an exoskeleton. Most funny insects have a pair of compound eyes relatively large, located dorso-laterally on the head. The funny insect wings are outgrowths of the body wall located dorso-laterally between the pleura and notos. The membranous base of the wing is, this makes possible the movement of the wing. Most funny insects are able to fold their wings over the abdomen when at rest, but the most primitive, like dragonflies and mayflies can not do it and keep the extended wings for outside or above the body together. Some funny insects like crickets and locusts males are capable of producing a distinctive sound with wings above the two wings rubbing together, or fore wings with the hind legs. Many funny insects such as flies and bees, wings move so fast that there is a buzz. The buzz, by frequency sound, is a specific character and funny insects like mosquitoes have females, is an element used by females to attract males flying in a swarm. Insects are the only invertebrates capable of flight. In the Carboniferous, some Meganeura (a group related to the current dragonflies) had a wingspan of 75 cm, the emergence of giant funny insects seem to have a direct relationship with the content of oxygen in the atmosphere, which at that time was 35%, compared to 21% at present, the funny insect tracheal system limits their size, so that high concentrations of oxygen allowed for larger sizes. Insects are a class of animals that are interrelated with human activities. From beneficial funny insects that provide us with honey or silk to funny insects that are poisonous or deadly disease vectors, there are a number of species that are directly or indirectly related to humans. The exoskeleton, in addition to chitin also several proteins containing forms the outer layer of the funny insect body. He is from an underlying epidermis formed. Embedded in it are the sense organs and various glands of the funny insect. Thank you for supporting the creative commons movement !!!


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