How to accompany on the piano |

If Rachelle Farrell calls you to play on the piano then you know Brandon Coleman must be a serious MONSTER on the Keys. Sean Wilson Piano decides to take on the work of analyzing as Brandon Coleman plays My Funny Valentine on the piano. Various chord progressions, alternate voicings, passing tones, intros, and endings are all discussed. MIDI File is here: $7+ **Apologize for the video starting over again at around 30 seconds. It would have taken too long to re-encode and re-upload to Youtube for the people who are waiting for a scheduled video at p. I decided to go with timeliness rather than perfection... Important downloads and software that I use: Chordie (shows notes/chords on screen but does not play MIDI files): Chordie for Windows Chordie for Mac To play the MIDI Files and slow them down to learn the notes Midiculous Song Tutor To see all of Sean's MIDI files


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