Friendly DOG Bark & Whine Sound Effects

Cuddly cute doggies whining, barking and growling. More Free HQ Sounds: Sounds: "Dog-01.flac" by Erdie "Boris Moan 2.wav" by be-steele "dog barking 3 (Rottweiler).aif" and "dog barking 4 (the cutest brown dog ever).aif" by Tomlija "PoodleWhine1.wav" by GB01 "02 A pug weeps 1:14:2008.wav" by Rocktopus "Funny Dog" by diesel33 CC-BY 3 License: "Dog whining.wav" by xenognosis "Dog Whine 5.wav" by esperri "Dachshund Whines.mp3" by 5deMayo "Dog Whining" by Jace CC0: Image: "Happy Male Yellow Lab" by energy2024 CC-BY 2 License: (looks like the license changed since)


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