THE HELL FACTORY IS OUT!! (Extreme Demon) by Team N2 [60HZ] (READ DESC FOR ALL INFO!!!)

Here we go boys.... my hardest demon... this was so painful, took me 11k attempts... Thanks to all GS, GL, Italian community and my best GD friends... they supported me till the end. Special thanks to Koreaqwer, who let me verify the level, and Team N2, who supported me too. Thanks so much guys, without you I wouldn't have beaten this HELL FACTORY!! Team N2's channel: Song: Flawless Wings Of Yatagarasu by GLS ID: 15265393 Pass:79815 Creators (in order): Reple: - Cosine: - Luneth: - Zelda: - Ryan LC: - Woogi1411: - Cosine: - Miner (designed by Yuri/Minus): - Hermes (designed by Yuri): - Koreaqwer: - All the parts were buffed according to the original Hell Factory, except Cosine's. Hardest part was Hermes for me. Thanks to SrGuillester, Jeezah, BlackghostFR, Tonverg, DonutPanda, Lebreee, SoulsTRK, Berke423, Or Aviram, Riot, Pacosky18, Pennutoh, Drybones, Merlo Creator, DreamEater and all the SVPERIORS of GD ITA, GS and GL. I luv ya... -Gio Thumbnail by Zerex:


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