CAUGHT ON CAMERA: Detroit Middle School Teacher, FIGHTS 7th Grade Student In SCIENCE CLASS!!

DETROIT - Both a student and a teacher ended up suspended after violence at Mackenzie Elementary and Middle School in Detroit. Kids say the teacher got upset because kids were throwing paper and calling her names as she tried to teach a lesson. Diamonique Singleton, a student in seventh grade, says the teacher mistakenly thought she called her a vulgar name and confronted her. "She pushed me twice, so I hit her," said Diamonique. Was the teacher wrong? Judge for yourself. The altercation was caught on camera. Detroit Public Schools says the teacher in question has been placed on paid administrative leave pending the results of the District's investigation into what happened. Diamonique says she wishes she had kept her cool, but she felt trapped. She worries she will fall behind in school. There is no decision yet as to how long she will be suspended.


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