Sweet Cute Lovely Dogs and Puppies funny sounds Compilation

Super Puppy: Sweet Cute Lovely Dogs and Puppies funny sounds Compilation The Dogs’ Law of Pitch Low pitched sounds usually indicate threats, anger and the possibility of aggression. These are interpreted as meaning "Stay away from me." High pitch sounds mean the opposite, asking to be allowed to come closer or saying that it is safe to approach. Whines, whimpers and yelps: communicate submission, pain or fear. The actual meaning depends on what the rest of the body “says.” Howls: express emotion, and to announce their location to missing pack members. It can also be a sign of a lonely dog asking for companionship. Barking: it is the most common vocal signal in dogs. It is a call of actions to alerts to others. It can means greeting, playing, defines. Sometimes Dog swill bark together to express happiness. Growls: One or two sharp short barks of high or midrange Sound: is the most typical greeting sound, and usually means It’s safe to come closer. Low Pitch Sound: Stay away from me. Little tips for Talk and training Dog Use easy short clipped words. Use Low pitched calm firm tone to let the dog know you are in charge. Be consistent, use same Words for the same things and this will let your Dog learn your language. All commands should preceded by the doh’s name. Be patience, changing behaviour takes time. Google Plus


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