Justin Bieber's story - Funny Moments [Part 74 ~ Jelena, Purpose, Revival, Perfect & Complex Mag']

October 2015! Previously on Keeping up with the Biebs, Justin shared the release date for his new album. (0:39) Now the album not only has a release date, it also has a name (0:49) and a cover art (3:27)! Here is the Behind the scenes of the cover art. (3:00) Scooter loses his chill (2:40) and so do the beliebers, who make all of this trend worldwide on Twitter of course because that’s just what we do. In the meantime, the Most Elegant Princess talks about Justin in interviews () and releases her new album too, Revival. () Its cover art gets people talking too, but who gives a crap what people say? Not her! Gone is the fragile little Disney Princess that she was, the adult Selena blasts the Cruz Show with an F-bomb, throws another F-bomb at her haters (and she has a LOT of them! ) and defends her choice to have a topless girl on her album. She also protects the self-esteem of young girls by saying that the girl on the cover isn't really her because she's photoshopped (), but destroys their self-esteem later on in the video, so that was a FAIL Selena, but nice try! Hollywoodlife makes an article about her album of course (and also about the Jelena duet that was leaked a few days ago called “Strong”! ) and review each one of its tracks. One of the tracks is “Nobody”! () Inevitably, they bring up Justin, because talking about Sel without talking about Biebs is more IMPOSSIBLE than drawing a square triangle, but Selena makes sure to shoot down all these rumors by clarifying who this song is about in a Twitter answering spree that she does on the release date of her album. There’s another song that people want her to clarify who it is about: Perfect. () But the Princess doesn't clarify anything about that one. A Selenator suspects that it’s because she doesn’t have to… So do some Beliebers too. Beliebers react too because it actually concerns them! This song appears to be about our boy! Speaking of Justin, he talks about the deed that he’s being accused of all over Twitter in an interview that appears in the October 2015 issue of Complex Magazine. () In that interview, he opens up about Jelena in a way that he never has before. Selena too talks Jelena some more in recent interviews () and shares how she feels about him now. () Then, Selena proceeds to crush souls by strutting around in a high cut black swimsuit! () These pictures are probably one of the reasons why Justin feels about her the way he says that he does when he’s interviewed in New Zealand. The Beliebers hear what he says and CRY. () New Zealand is the last country Justin goes to for his promotional tour before he takes a short break from work in Bora Bora again. Little does he know that this relaxing vacation will have CONSEQUENCES THAT ARE EVERYTHING BUT RELAXING, but oops, I got carried away, that's for an upcoming video! __________________________________________________________ This is an improved reupload of the video posted on October 29th 2015. __________________________________________________________ Credit to KidCaliBeats for the "WDYM" instrumental ... Credit to Alice Olivia for the cover of "What do you mean" by Justin Bieber ... Credit to UNKNOWN PERSON for the guitar cover of "Same old love" by Selena Gomez (if it's yours, let me know so that I can credit you!) Credit to Joyce Leong for the cover of "Same old love" by Selena Gomez ... Credit to Andrew Roy for the guitar cover of "The heart wants what it wants" by Selena Gomez ... Credit to Anastasia Yakovleva for the piano cover of "Perfect" by Selena Gomez ... Credit to HQKaraoke for the instrumental of "Love will remember" by Selena Gomez ... Credit to SethRinehart for the cover of "Love will remember" by Selena Gomez ... __________________________________________________________ Here's the playlist with all parts of the series: To know the story behind the playlist and understand what this series is, you can read the playlist's description! When you watch the playlist, make sure that it's the right video by checking the title before you watch them, because the videos in the playlist sometimes don't play in the right order! :) I'm dying to know your opinions, so please Comment, Comment, Comment. Even if it's just a short message it can motivate me to happily make more videos. And please also Like, Subscribe, Share, (people won't watch if they don't know it exists!) and Follow me on Twitter! ^^ Thanks for reading! My Twitter: @CelebHilarity


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