"REVIVAL OF F" L.A Premiere Spoiler Free REVIEW! Fukkatsu No F/Resurrection F

Dragon Ball Z Revival Of/Resurrection F/Fukkatsu No F has premiered today in Los Angels (L.A) at the Egyption Theater and from what I was told about the plot is quite interesting stuff, this movie introduces so many great things such as a blue super saiyan from in both Vegeta and Goku named the Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan form or the Super Saiyan God SS. We also get a look at Friezas new form named Golden Frieza. This DBZ 2015 movie may bridge to a new Dragon Ball Z 2015 movie, who knows. But with the way the Dragon Ball Z Revival Of F Ending Scene is its looks Vage for a sequel but I still have high hopes for it. The Revival Of F End Credits scene does involve Frieza in a very cool way from what many were told BIG THANKS TO THE REVIEW BY CHRIS WHICH YOU CAN READ BELOW. Hi Mike Zeroh big fan of yours and wanted to express my thoughts on dragon ball z resurrection f. Would love for you to discuss my review on your channel. My name is Chris and I went to the Egyption theater in L.A which was where it was viewed by many DBZ fans. Sitting down in the theater I was full of excitement. My heart was racing, and I kept thinking to myself, why is my heart racing so fast, than i got a shot of adrenaline as the film started. The Opening sequence is outstanding! Akira toriyama really knows how to open his movies. I do have to admit that as I was watching the movie I felt I was being a bit robbed from the action sequences. But in the second act of this movie it ramps up big time! and especially during the last act of it. Let me say here first off that the SSGSS or whatever you call it looks more bad-ass on Vegeta than it does on Goku. The fighting sequences between both Goku, Vegeta and the new Golden Frieza are stunning to say the least. If you are wondering, No Gohan does not die! gladly enough he lives. The film I feel was cut short as I said I felt I was a bit robbed from the action sequences. Some funny parts and comedy do exists in this film yes, but far far less than how it was with battle of gods. Master Roshi really adds in some great value to this film and is a throwback to what he does in the first broly movie. It was great seeing people from different states and countries in the audience, i got to meet some really cool people as I went solo. On to the marketing, I felt it was a bit hyped than it really was, Frieza did not seem to really be a huge threat in this film at times, in fact sometimes you felt frieza was really going to lose at some moments. Frieza's new form is simple yet brilliant, its perfect and some of his lines are so rememorable. Goku's personality has done a complete reversal in this film in my perspective Mike, he seems more of a bad-ass IMO. Overall it was a great film to see, was it really worth it to spend a couple hundred dollars on a plane ticket from Texas? You bet right it was worth it, I do feel it should have been longer, it really felt short in my opinion, but hey after all its a DBZ movie and for what its worth it is a great creation by Akira Toriyama. I def give the film and 8 out of 10, only because at times I felt I wanted more action scenes. Hope you enjoy the movie this summer Mike, I know I will!. Enjoy SUBSCRIBE TO ME NOW (ITS FREE) FOR YOUR SUPPORT And also don't forget to LIKE the Official Mike Zeroh Facebook page below The Official Mike Zeroh Twitter Animated Intro Designed by


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