Cockatiel Talking Birds Noises Sounds - Cockatiels Pet Bird Talk Speak - Funny Animal Videos Jazevox (affiliate link) - Tidy Seed No-Mess Bird Feeder Our Cockatiel bird is back! Funny birds talking, making conversation with human. Making bird noises and sounds, whatever they means, something positive Im sure .. Hilarious video of Cockatiels home pet bird that talk / speak to a person. *** We have more funny animal videos here in our YouTube channel, feel free to check them out at *** YouTube CHANNELS - please SUBSCRIBE: *** BLOGS: *** ABOUT ME Jazevox Kindle BOOKS / eBooks For Sale at Amazon: *** Jazevox Book / eBook - please check out by clicking link below: Tropical Smoothie Recipes - Fruits And Vegetables Smoothies (book link) (official video ad) How To Save Money Buying Groceries - Money Saving Tips On Grocery Shopping, Ways To Get Grocery Coupons (book link) How To Get Real YouTube Views On Your YouTube Video, and Free Subscribers - Internet Marketing Strategies (book link) How To Make A YouTube Channel - YouTube Video, Broadcast Online With Videos: Internet Marketing Strategies (book link) (official video ad) *** This YouTube VIDEO link: *** If you made it all the way here, please don't forget to LIKE, COMMENT, SUBSRIBE and SHARE below :-) Appreciate it! *** DISCLAIMER: This video description contains an affiliate link(s). If you click on one of the product links and purchase through it, I will receive a small commission, but it cost you no additional money. This will help support this channel and allow me to continue to make videos like this. I truly appreciate your support! *** I created this video with the YouTube Video Editor ()


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