Shame on AIR India flight- Plz read whole story with the video how bad they are with passengers

The worst Condition of AirIndia Flight. I was Travelling with my family (6 Elderly people, 1 younger Brother & Sister) ) on 25th April from Bhubneshwar to Delhi. On board 1) They have not switched on Ac even Aircraft was on Runway. When we complaint Crew members were very rude and not even bothered about the situation. This Video shows how people & Kids are suffering with suffocation. Seems like we were in a local village bus.. 2) When we complaint, crew member (Ms Priyanka ) had not Given all 9 of us the meal intentionally, which we had already ordered during Web checking. 3) While getting down at the Delhi Airport, the crew member "Das Gauraban" had called the Security manager Mr. Arora and started threatening me. He Pushed me back while touching my Shoulder & Snatched my phone from hand. This is a Crime against a woman to push her back. He Deleted all the videos which were proof of the bad services of Air India. 4) I had a connecting flight from Delhi to Jaipur, so He frightened me while saying that that they will not let me catch my next flight. 5) On the airport crew members had bullied me saying that "Kar le jo tujhe Karna he. Hamain dar nahi he.. Ab to video bhi delete kar diya. Kya kar legi hamara. " And he showed his Defying gesture by showing thumb towards me. This is a huge insult of the passengers if they raise a voice against their bad behaviour. I have written a complaint to Air India office ( Receipt no 021540) which they have not responded me yet. It took me a month to recover this deleted video and charged me a huge amount. I dont know who will take action against these kind of behaviour from crew staffs & Air India. They are heartless & unprofessional. They have taken us for granted and take advantage of passengers. It was a last flight of my family including many other passengers to Air India. Wort to worst behaviour & services they offer.


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