HD - 10 Of The Best Fights In Cricket History

HD - 10 Of The Best Fights In Cricket History This is a cricket video about the aforementioned topic provided by All the Videos. Thank you all for the viewing of my videos, it means so much to me! I can’t believe how quickly my channel has grown. I just want to send out a HUGE thanks to everyone who viewed, commented, shared and liked the video. And if you haven't already, drop a like, favourite, share and any comment you like (within the terms & conditions, see below), I love hearing your feedback and thoughts, and it only take a couple seconds. Also, check out my other videos, I’ve posted Big Fat Quizzes, football, cricket, TV and movie videos and TONNES more to come with lots of great content coming your way. Love all of you, thank you SO much! On a more serious note: If anyone in the comments section argue about the video or about any issues I WILL ban them from the channel, disallowing you to comment on any other of my many other incredible videos. If it gets out of hand then the comments for the video will be terminated, disallowing all other users and viewers to comment on the video, ruining the enjoyment for everyone. I don’t want a group of gormless, manky, pillock Indian tosser-gits or a herd of pikey, pratty, plonker Australian mongs moaning and sledging anything or anyone, thank you. Any offence to the quality, quantity or class of my reputable video will be diminished as trash and so will the user as they will be banned. As previously mentioned, the same goes for any user who acts as if they have the ‘freedom of speech’ behind their computer within their soulless, shattered and dreading bodies to say what they want and to act as they would like, typing whatever ridiculous, insane and barmy comments that come to their deranged mind, ranting on about how team x is worse than my team y because so and so, even though team x has won more matches (I’m talking to you, the *bottom* half of the sub-continent). No rude, foul or immature comments about other teams, people or my videos and channel or you will be banned. Once again, thank you for your co-operation.


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