Remember B. Happy from the old ?

I found the old Cartoon Network "Web Premiere Toons" of 1999-2001 online, as I have fond memories of watching them. Their gimmick was that they were original Adobe Flash-animated cartoons (one of the earliest uses of the medium, too!) that were also somewhat like interactive games, where you would click on hotspots to trigger something. This is a brief clip of one of them: "B. Happy", created by Mark Newgarden, which was about a lazy, cranky bluebird of happiness, that took advantage of the interactivity with a "Click-O-Rama" gimmick. There were some others too, like the Pink Donkey and its spinoffs, a "Banana Splits" revival, and more. They can be viewed here: They were unavailable online for almost 10 years (except for the Pink Donkey ones), but have been rediscovered again! Clip (C) 1999 Funny Garbage, Turner and Cartoon Network; FAIR USE!


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