Parazit 42 گلچین پارازیت جمعه ۲۲ بهمن ۸۹ Iran Funny Joke News Feb 11 2011

PrinceShadow16April8 (born on July 4Th 2006 - Kidnapped on April 16, 2008) is the latest Victim of Censorship in YouTube We are uploading some of the latest video of that Channel, which are available, Sorry for missing description ... Green Movement Will Be Back on CHAHAR-SHANBEH SOORI چهارشنبه‌ سوری There are two reasons why Iranians celebrating even today under the islamic Repression, the last night to wednesday before the 21. of March, the begin of the new year (Nowrooz). The first reason is an Mythical which is written in the "Shahnameh". It is about Siawash, an iranian prince which had to show his innocence by jumping over the fire, when he was sentenced by his father in trial, because of an false accusation from his stepmother. However, Siawash jumped with his horse over the fire and nothing happened to him. This showed his father that he was innocent. The Shahname of Ferdowsi was written, over 300 years after the islamic Invasion in Iran. Most of the Stories and epics which Ferdowsi used, were facts and stories about the real Emperors of Iran and their faith. In real the Zoroastrians, used the 5-6 days at the end of the year to kindle fires at the roof of their houses to show the way for the souls of their deaths back to the great light. This is the second reason why Iranians from Tajikistan to Kurdistan, Afghanistan, Azarbayjan...kindling fires at the last night to wednesday before 21. of March. The role of Fire in the Iranian Faith and Mytology is Important and there different kind of fires in the Zoroastrian faith, not all are Holy fires! --- Green Movement Will Be Back on CHAHAR-SHANBEH SOORI Chahar Shanbe Soori will be another major flashpoint in the struggle Chaharshanbeh-Souri (also written Chaharshanbeh Soori, Charshanbeh Suri, Chahr Shanbeh Soori) is an ancient Iranian festival dating at least back to 1700 BCE of the early Zoroastrian era. The festival of fire is a prelude to the ancient "Nowruz" festival, which marks the arrival of spring and revival of nature. Nowruz, or the New Year's Day in the Iranian calendar, falls on March 21 this year. Last Wednesday of the year know as Chahar Shanbeh Soori (Čahār Šanbé Sūrī): On the eve of last Wednesday of the year, literally the eve of Red Wednesday or the eve of celebration, bonfires are lit in public places with the help of fire and light, it is hoped for enlightenment and happiness throughout the coming year. People leap over the flames, shouting: Sorkhi-ye to az man; Zardi-ye man az to Give me your beautiful red colour; And take back my sickly pallor! With the help of fire and light symbols of good, we hope to see our way through this unlucky night - the end of the year- to the arrival of springs longer days. Traditionally, it is believed that the living were visited by the spirits of their ancestors on the last day of the year. Many people specially children, wrap themselves in shrouds symbolically re-enacting the visits. By the light of the bonfire, they run through the streets banging on pots and pans with spoons called Gashog-Zani to beat out the last unlucky Wednesday of the year, while they knock on doors to ask for treats. Indeed, Halloween is a Celtic variation of this night. In order to make wishes come true, it is customary to prepare special foods and distribute them on this night. Noodle Soup (Âsh) a filled Persian delight, and mixture of seven dried nuts and fruits, pistachios, roasted chic peas, almond, hazelnuts, figs, apricots, and raisins. Rabbits Born in Custody of San Diego County Department of Animal Services (SPCA Pet Killers & Animal Abusers) starved to death, and California spent over $100,000 to cover up their officer's crime, In Charge Lieutenant Lt. Harold Holmes , Eugene Cikanek , Lt. Laura L. Ward, , Shalimar Oliver , Dr. Julie Maher , Dr. David F. Johnson , Dr. Kerry S Mahoney , Vivian Bradley , Lori Weber , Dawn Danielson , Sgt Mike Tracy Justice delay, Justice denied. برادر شهیدم خونتو پس مگیرم مرگ بر دیکتاتور Have you seen Prince Shadow , born on July 4Th 2006 - Kidnapped on April 16, 2008 San Diego Police Suspects O Witnesses Dr. Officer Criminals in Uniform Lt. Harold Holmes , Eugene Cikanek , Carol Jo Rivers , Julie Maher , Shalimar Oliver , David F. Johnson , Rosemarie Noelle Townsend , SPCA Pet killers & Animal Abusers ...


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