Vegeta trains with Whis @ Dragon Ball Super Episode 71

Episode 71 : Vegeta trains with Whis for the upcoming tournament by Zen-Oh ( King of All ), meanwhile Beerus inquires about Goku as he was not having training sessions with Whis. Later Vegeta finds out that Goku was having special training and he requests the same training. Suggested Video - Like the video and Subscribe to the channel. Do Share them in social media & with your friends if you like it. Leave a comment below if you have any interesting thoughts or opinion on the video. More videos are being uploaded daily, relax and enjoy them. ( Suggestions for every video are given based on the latest episode or best soundtracks or clips from famous animes ) Follow me in Social Media to stay updated on the videos being posted. Twitter: Facebook group: ( Dragon Ball Super is made by Toei Animation based on the manga illustrations/Story by Akira Toriyama. This Channel doesn't own the content in the video ) ( Support Original Release )


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