Funny Shinee-Sounds Compilation

This is the new Video with few more Sounds ^^ Thank you for tell me them. Please, if you know again some more, tell me. Because I'll make a new Video, when i've at least five more. Actually I have just one sound more, Taemins chicken-sound in hello baby (another one, as it is in the videos!) Come on Guys, I need four more! Because a lot of people asking me, about the shows, here is a list, How the show is called and where you can watch the whole Show with english subbtitles. There are two shows, where I son't know where u can watch it, and one that I don't even know from where it is, if you know the name or where one can watch it, please tell me, it would help me a lot. Thanks in advance! - and - 1-13 and - "Shinee's Hello Baby" (you can find it with english subs on youtube, if you write: "Hi bb" ) - and - "Sang Sang Plus" (On youtube with eng subs: "entertainments10 blogspot Part 1") - I don't know, sorry. - "Star King" - "Strong Heart" - 1.44 "Love Pursuer" (On youtube with Eng subs: "101007 Love Key" ) - "Shinee's Photobook DvD" (On youtube with eng subs: "pb dvd") - "Immortal Song 2" (On youtube with eng subs: "Immortal Song 2 eng sub" )


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